Be sure to read the LCCSF Bylaws and Funding Policy before applying for funding. 

There are two options to apply for funding from LCCSF. For an online application process you can click the first button below and fill out the Google Form. For a physical application process you can click the second button to email the Executive Director for the application. Submit all completed applications with the required documents and detailed project plans. Any incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant for additional information and may be resubmitted for consideration. 


Once an application has been accepted as "complete" by the Executive Director the committee will review the application before moving the application forward. The Funding Proposal Committee meets twice a month to discuss completed applications. The review process is on going (no funding cycles). Applicants should allow up to 90 days for LCCSF Board determination once all requested information has been submitted.

Click the box below to fill out the online LCCSF Application for Funding
Click the box below if you would like to submit a physical application